Everyday I’m thankful that I get to work with incredible clients to make their wedding a truly extraordinary experience -- from start to finish.  There is something so magical about two people’s lives coming together as one, and it is my dream job to be a part of that. 
I am dreaming of ways that I can ensure my future clients are getting more than just a wedding planning service, but an entire experience.  I believe wholeheartedly that a wedding should be a reflection of the bride and groom, and their love, and that begins by ensuring my number one goal is achieved: that my clients feel truly special and loved, and taken care of.
  There are many ways in which I strive to show my clients that they are loved on. One of which is the fact that when planning a couples wedding, I become a part of their family, 

and they become a part of mine.  And, as an honorary member of the family, chances are good you’ll hear me tell you to “leave it to me.”  During the planning stages, a bride and oftentimes a groom worry so much about the to-do lists and what needs to be done for the wedding, that they aren’t able to celebrate and simply enjoy being engaged.  As a planner, I alleviate the stressors that come along with all those to-dos.  By crossing the items off of your list and adding them to mine, you can focus your attention on simply being in love.  Because there is nothing more beautiful than being in love, and you have no reason not to enjoy every single moment of it.

"there is nothing more beautiful than being in love, and you have no reason not to enjoy every single moment of it.."

Lauren Elisabeth Events -- to give back to others.  Though I dearly loved my work with WWP, I couldn’t ignore the desire I had to share my love and knowledge of weddings with newly engaged couples and their families, as well as give back to others in a new way. Thus, Lauren Elisabeth Events was born.  That jump of faith into wedding planning landed me in my happy place, where I’m able to combine my previous career experiences, and create something of my own. From my work in the fashion and bridal industry, I have developed a style for Lauren Elisabeth Events that is classic, yet simple; truly timeless with just the right amount of modernity and chicness sprinkled in. And I can’t forget the organic elements like beautiful blooms that are truly essential to a wedding -- these elements are what seamlessly tie everything together. 

My career didn’t begin in the wedding planning industry, though it wasn’t too far off.  I launched into my post-collegiate work in the bridal and fashion scenes of New York and Chicago, in love with the hustle and bustle of the industry. It was my work here that truly defined my classic style, which now serves as the center of Lauren Elisabeth Events.  After New York and Chicago, I shifted gears to the nonprofit world, as I began working for the Wounded Warrior Project.  This job was one of the greatest blessings in my life -- I was able to give back to those who had sacrificed their lives for our country and our freedom. In my time at WWP, I worked directly with wounded servicemen, women and their families, and it was an honor that I will never forget. This experience was nothing short of life-changing, and it sparked the true meaning, drive, and mission behind

I'm a lover of love,  fresh flowers, a good book and my sweet little family.

Quick Details

Life deserves to be celebrated and in our home we celebrate the big and the little!  My love of celebrating extends well into my business by intentionally loving on each of my couples!

i believe in celebrating the every day


Both personally and professionally I do my best to come into any encounter with a strong level of kindness and sincerity. 

I believe in kindness


Marriage is sacred and beautiful!  It's never far from my mind how fortunate I am to walk alongside couples as they begin their journey together.



Hi, I’m Lauren Elisabeth. I’m a southwest Michigan wedding planner who is a hopeless romantic and truly loves love. My favorite things in life include my sweet family, fashion, fresh flowers and enjoying a good book by the lake.  

When I’m not planning weddings, you can find me spending time with my handsome husband, Jason and running around with our sweet toddler son, Christian, and our precious baby girl, Elisabeth (Ellie).  

While I am thankful for many things in my life, I am most thankful for the fact that I get to be the mother of my two beautiful babies. The joy they bring into my life is something I never could have imagined, and though I am incredibly passionate about my work and my life as a wedding planner, I am first and foremost a proud mother and wife. 


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