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With my passion for and background in fashion and everything weddings, I wanted to create a business where I could live out my passion daily.

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Bridal Shower Tips


Wedding season means bridal shower season! If you’ve been honored as Maid/Matron of Honor, here are 5 tips to help you plan the perfect shower for the bride-to-be!

1. First and foremost, think of the bride. When planning a bridal shower be sure to keep in mind who you’re planning the shower for. You most definitely want the shower to represent the bride. Tying in her favorite colors, food & personality will make it that much more meaningful.

2. Budget. Rally up the bridesmaids and come up with a budget that is realistic for everyone early on in the planning process. As awkward as it may be, kindly ask the bridesmaids to send you a check. You’ll have to order invites, decor & food ahead of time, so this will help cushion your bank account. Once you’ve come up with an agreed upon budget, prioritize what’s most important & be sure to keep track of your spending. At the end of everything, if you have money left over you can divide among those who contributed or put it toward a gift for the bride.

3. Write out your timeline. This always helps me stay on track with various deadlines. Ordering supplies online can most definitely save you money (and time) later on. However, if you’re doing everything last minute you will be paying for expedited shipping. Planning ahead will save you money, and will also give you peace of mind, which, let’s be real- is even more important some days!

4. Ask for help! You’re not expected to do this alone! If you need help running errands- just ask! You’d be surprised how willing people are to help, so take full advantage. Depending on the size of the bridal shower, ask the bridesmaids to come early to help set up. Have a plan going into the shower and delegate tasks to certain bridesmaids. For example, having someone play “bartender” at the Mimosa Bar, while another bridesmaid restocks food & desserts.

5. Most importantly, have fun! You worked hard, you deserve it! Grab that mimosa and make a toast to you’re BFF and her soon-to-be hubs! After all, you are there to celebrate!






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