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With my passion for and background in fashion and everything weddings, I wanted to create a business where I could live out my passion daily.

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Wedding Dress Shopping


One of the most anticipated days while planning a wedding is the day you finally shop for your perfect dress.  Here are my 5 tips on how to make the most of your shopping trip:

  1.  Be honest.  When you call to schedule your appointments, make sure you relay your budget.  You definitely don’t want to spend a couple hours dress shopping only to realize every dress is out of your price range.  Heartbreak.
  2. Go into it with an open-mind.  I know this may seem funny, but we all have an idea in our head of our ‘perfect day’ and how we want to look.  However, the idea that we have may not look as good once you start trying dresses on.  For instance, I always saw myself in something sleek and fitted.  When I started trying dresses on, I realized a more fitted look wasn’t what looked best on me.  Try to ditch the idea of what you want while at your appointment and have fun trying all different styles!  Don’t get carried away though- once you come to the conclusion that a certain style isn’t for you- move forward.  I also, most definitely, urge you to try on something you never thought you’d love or wear!  While working in the bridal industry for around 4 years, brides would come in time and time again and have an ‘absolutely not’ list- 9 times out of 10 this is the dress they chose!  Just be open 🙂
  3. Entourage.  Keep in mind some bridal salons, especially in larger cities, don’t have the space for a large party.  If you have more than 3 or 4 people joining you, I would highly recommend letting the salon know.  Along those same lines, I also suggest being intentional with who you ask to come along.  You want to make sure you will have a strong support system who is excited for YOU!
  4. Don’t overdue it.  Dress shopping is a lot of fun and super exciting, but it can zap your excitement pretty quickly if you’re not loving anything.  Know when to call it a day and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  At the same time,  if you find one you absolutely love, don’t feel like you have to continue to shop around to validate that it’s “the one”.  There will always be beautiful gowns- just remember your dress is beautiful and perfect for you.
  5. Have fun!  Don’t let stress creep in- enjoy the day with the ones you love!


Hope this helps, ladies!  Have a wonderful week!

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